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The Top 21 Features of GrantWatch

In the universe of grants, staying informed and organized is crucial for success. With numerous grants available from various sources, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. That's where comes in! GrantWatch is the leading grant website, providing a comprehensive database of grants and foundations, as well as a range of features designed to simplify the grant-seeking process. Let's explore some of the great features that make GrantWatch worth every penny!

1. Thousands of Currently Available Grants

GrantWatch offers an extensive range of grant opportunities! With over 8,000 currently available grants and a staggering 28,000 grants currently in our database, GrantWatch is your go-to source for funding. The GrantWatch platform is continuously updated, adding new grants Sunday through Thursday, covering a wide spectrum of 60 grant funding categories. These new grant opportunities come from a variety of sources including foundations, corporations, trusts, and government entities on all levels (federal, state, and local). Grant opportunities are available to a multitude of recipient types including nonprofits, organizations, for-profits, small businesses, individuals, municipalities, schools, IHEs, and more! 

2. Complete Grant Descriptions and Ability to Save as a PDF
GrantWatch's proprietary grant detail page provides comprehensive information on the grant requirements. Grant detail pages offer a wealth of information including eligibility criteria, application procedures, funder contact details, and important deadline dates (including any LOI or conference dates). In addition, with GrantWatch, you can effortlessly save grants and their details as convenient and easy-to-read PDF files.

3. Grant Eligibility with Direct Links to RFPs to Apply
When it comes to applying for grants, understanding your eligibility is a crucial aspect of the grant-seeking process. GrantWatch simplifies this process and makes it easy by emphasizing the critical factors that determine eligibility. For seamless access to applications, GrantWatch provides direct links to requests for proposals (RFPs). Simply click on the provided link on within the grant information page and be directed to the funder's official application page.

4. Live Customer Support
GrantWatch recognizes that navigating a comprehensive platform can be overwhelming which is why they take pride in offering genuine human support and not automated responses. The dedicated GrantWatch customer support team and grant specialists are there to provide customers with real solutions. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the GrantWatch customer support team during business hours by phone, email, or online chat. 

5. Email Updates of the Latest Grants
Receive updates on the latest grant opportunities with the GrantWatch weekly newsletter email sent straight to your inbox. Each week, subscribers will receive information on the latest 15 grants added within the past seven days in your chosen location. At any time, you can easily manage your preferences or opt-out in your account profile.

6. Real Time Personalized Grant Alerts
The useful 'My Grant Alerts' feature allows you to create alerts for grants, customizing your own watchlist. In addition, you'll receive email notifications whenever grant funders update or modify their grant listing, keeping you informed every step of the way. With the My Grant Alerts feature by GrantWatch, you'll be able to stay connected to the grants you're interested in effortlessly.

7. Affordable Pricing Options
GrantWatch levels the playing field with very affordable pricing options. This provides flexibility and complete accessibility to the GrantWatch platform regardless of if you are a large or small nonprofit, business or individual. Choose from weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans, which all offer the same benefits but differ based on time to tailor to your grant-seeking schedule. You have the flexibility to change plans or opt-out at any time;
$18.00 per week
$45.00 per month
$90.00 per quarter or
$199.00 per year (the best value).
This pricing structure ensures that everyone can benefit from the features and resources offered by GrantWatch without breaking the bank! 


8. Multi-User and Library Licenses
GrantWatch offers custom pricing packages and library licenses for multi-users. This is ideal for organizations with numerous users searching for grants simultaneously. With multi-user packages, each user receives their own unique username and password. This ensures personalized access for each member of your team. Alternatively, a library license provides a specific URL link. This grants site-wide access to multiple simultaneous users within the designated proxy IP addresses nominated.

9. Keep Track of Your Grant View History
The 'My Grant Views' feature keeps track of all the grants you have viewed through the GrantWatch platform. This feature allows you to easily locate and refer back to grants you have previously viewed. You can quickly access important details like the GrantWatch ID#, deadline dates, as well as the time and date you viewed the grant. This feature comes in handy if you want to find a grant previously viewed and have not saved.

10. Hide Ineligible Grants
The 'Hide Grants' feature declutters your search results, allowing you to focus on relevant grant opportunities. To use this feature, simply click the eye icon found in the grant preview listing, allowing you to hide irrelevant or unsuitable grants for your organization. To restore any hidden grant, click the eye icon again. Researching eligibility criteria takes time. The Hide Grants features will aid you in streamlining your grant search process.

11. Personalized Grant Calendar with Submission Tracker
The 'My Grant Calendar' is a tool that offers a personalized grant calendar, enabling you to plan out your future grant applications. This helpful feature helps you to stay organized with upcoming deadlines and opportunities, as well as enhance your chances of submitting applications on time.

12. Boolean Keyword Search 
The 'Boolean Keyword Search' feature enables you to find precise grant results tailored to your specific needs and interests. Simply utilize the operators "AND" (to include two search terms), "OR" (to broaden your search with multiple terms), or "NOT" (to exclude a specific term). As a result, you will experience a faster and more refined search, eliminating unwanted results. The Boolean Keyword Search can also be used in conjunction with the SMART Advanced Search for even more results tailored to your specific needs.

13. SMART Advanced Grant Search
The 'SMART Advanced Search' filter is a powerful tool for finding grants tailored to your needs. It allows you to search by recipient type, location, category interests, funding source type, deadline dates, and sorting preferences. You can also choose to include ongoing active grants without deadlines or expired grants in your search. The SMART Advanced Search can also be used in conjunction with the Boolean Keyword Search for even more results tailored to your specific interests.

14. Save Your SMART Grant Search Filters
The 'Save My Grant Search Filters' feature can assist in streamlining your grant search process. Conducting comprehensive searches often takes time and effort. The Save My Grant Search Filters tool allows you to save your search filter parameters without the need for repetitive searches, as well as allowing you to easily refer back to previous search results.

15. Foundation Search and IRS 990 Report Finder
The 'Foundation Search Finderand '990 Report Finder' is a comprehensive tool for exploring historical grantee information. With an array of filters including keywords, location, mission statement, funding interests, and types of support provided, you can tailor your search to find the optimal results. Additionally, access vital financial 990 filing information and activities of grant-making foundations to aid your research and due diligence. With results from these Finders, you'll gain valuable insights into grant-giving practices and uncover trends that can shape your grant-seeking strategy.

16. Grant Recipient Profiles with Reverse Search
The 'Recipient Profiles Reverse Search' feature is a robust tool that allows you to identify grant recipients similar to your organization and their generous funders. Empower your organization with unparalleled access to foundation and grant-related information. The results from this filter can assist you in making informed decisions, forging impactful partnerships, and securing resources for your mission. 

17. Save Foundations and Recipient Search Filters
The 'Save Foundations' and 'Save Recipient Search' filters allow you to save your filters for all parameters and revisit them anytime. With the Save feature, you can effortlessly preserve your valuable search preferences. Save filters with a wide range of information including keyword or foundation or recipient name, city or state, category, number of awarded grants, grant amounts, grant ranges, nonprofits funded, assets, revenue, and much more.

18. GrantNews Newsletter
Stay informed with the weekly GrantNews publication, bringing you the latest articles covering the dynamic world of grants. Through the weekly GrantNews e-newsletter, you can explore emerging trends and recent developments to stay ahead of the ever-changing grant landscape. In addition, you'll discover a curated list of a dozen grants tailored to your chosen preferences right at the bottom of each issue. The GrantNews newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest grant news and information, ensuring you're always in the know.

19. Grant Resources and Tutorial Videos
The Grant Resources page is your go-to destination for assistance in the grant-seeking process. Discover a wealth of resources ranging from glossaries, sample documents, and nonprofit support associations all conveniently at your fingertips. Additionally, GrantWatch also provides step-by-step tutorial videos to help navigate you through the platform's various features and functionalities with ease.


20. Receive a Free 17-ounce Latte Mug and Be Our Guest on GrantTalk
GrantWatch celebrates your grant success as a MemberPlus subscriber for winning a grant you found on GrantWatch. When you let us know, we send you a 17-ounce Latte Mug and invite you to be featured as a guest on the GrantTalk podcast. GrantWatch wants you to share your journey and tips for winning grants in a virtual interview, highlighting your organization. GrantTalk is where nonprofit leaders and funders share insights into the grant world.


21. The Queen of Grants by Libby Hikind
Join Libby Hikind as she guides you through the art of grant writing in her new book, The Queen of Grants. Learn invaluable techniques to craft compelling grant proposals with practical insights and real-life models for each grant application section. Follow Libby's journey from teacher to grant writer to CEO and media personality, and embark on an empowering adventure to gain the confidence needed to navigate the grant-seeking process. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


So, is GrantWatch worth it? A resounding YES!
In conclusion, GrantWatch is undeniably worth it! GrantWatch is a reputable grant platform, first established in 2010. Since then, it has been serving the grant-seeking community with fresh and current grants, valuable new features. GrantWatch has been featured in prominent news and media outlets, as well as a history of high recommendations and customer testimonials.


Recently, GrantWatch went on the road to personally meet with successful grant recipients who had found their grant application on By using GrantWatch, you too can locate grants, save time, stay organized, while having access to a vast up-to-date database of grants. We simplify the grant-seeking process and maximize your chances of success. Ultimately, this can significantly increase your potential for securing the funding you need to achieve your goals! 

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